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About Us

Our Creative Publishing Story

Auntie Angel Publishing LLC started with a few simple ideas and concepts in the summer of 2020. Flash forward to 2021, where they released four new publications! They have now ventured onto expanding their reach by participating in community vending events, school read aloud(s) & they have increased their online social media presence.  Here at Auntie Angel Publishing we are enthusiastic about creating new, fun, educational & creative children's literature. Our goal has been and always will be to re-spark the joy of reading and learning in your young readers life! We can't wait to see what NEW adventures unfold in the days, weeks, months and years to come!

Happy Reading! 

 For further information on School Read Aloud(s), Bulk Orders, Merchandise or Publishing Consulting: Contact us via email or visit us on Instagram @MarissaPhiferOfficial

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